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City of San Mateo reaches $25M settlement with three women sexually assaulted by a uniformed San Mateo police officer

EMANUEL LAW GROUP (ELG), the law firm responsible for initiating California Assembly Bill 1455 (AB 1455) to expand the statute of limitations for victims of sexual assault by police officers, has successfully put the new law to the test with a $25 million settlement on behalf of three women who would have been ineligible to sue without the passage of the bill.

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The EMANUEL LAW GROUP consists of highly experienced personal injury lawyers, representing individuals throughout the Bay area whose lives have been permanently altered or destroyed as a result of tragic situations like homicide, sexual assault, wrongful death, motor vehicle accidents and truck accidents.

  • Victims of sex crimes can hold liable their rapists, sexual predators and molesters, as well as third-party defendants for failing to prevent the crime. The Emanuel Law Group has successfully sued numerous assailants and other responsible parties for their victims’ injuries, pain and suffering. Read more.

  • In cases where an accident victim suffers a permanent disability, severe brain trauma, amputation or paralysis, the principal concern for the plaintiff’s attorney is to ensure that the settlement or verdict is large enough to ensure that the victim can be treated, cared for, and maintained in comfort for what will usually be the rest of his or her life. Read more.

  • While no one believes that an insurance settlement or jury verdict can make up for your loss, sometimes it’s necessary to take an aggressive approach to recover for the hardship, pain and suffering you have endured because of the untimely death of a loved one. Read more.

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Todd P. Emanuel

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Pamela E. Glazner

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